World of Beer, African Craft Market and More Movies

Was out of action for the last two weeks. As my return date approaches (end of September), days are seeming to move painfully slower than usual and its making life increasingly unbearable. To make things move faster, I have been filling weekends up with some outing or the other. I also pack up the rest of the weekend with movies so that it ‘atleast seems’ that time is moving faster.

The World of Beer: I have been seeing this building from my office from the 24th floor for sometime now … I thought that it was time that I finally make a trip to the World of Beer. 
The South African Breviaries Ltd has invested in this unique museum which explores just on topic “Beer”. Its actually amazing how one can create substance enough for 1.5 hours of tour on Beer. The Museum uses Displays, Audio and Video to take you through a journey of Beer right from ancient Mesopotamia, through Africa and Europe. The tour unveils beer heritage all the way to a honky-tonk pub of Johannesburg mining camp days and a traditional Soweto shebeen. The Tour also gives you a taste of traditional African Beer which is served to you in a Ukhamba. You are also served a glass of Beer in a olden day Pub setting with Piano and all that … So to be a part of the spirit of the event, I decided to taste the beer. I did finish my glass of beer but I wouldn’t say that I liked it. :) … But the experience of knowing the history of Beer and the process of beer brewing was really memorable.

African Craft Rooftop Market, Rosebank: This is a nice collection of Stalls offering African craft, handcrafted items, clothes, furniture and jewelry all under one roof – where you are encouraged to bargain and get a nice deal in whatever you want to buy. I also indulged myself to buying some things that would remind me of South Africa and I did get some good deals. The key is – as always – to start by quoting a really “ridiculous” price and you would be surprised by what you would end up getting finally. Patience and sweet talk are the key requirements to bargaining.

More Movies: I have been watching movies like crazy for the last month or so … Let me see what I recall
  • Tamil: Masila Mani (Masala to the core), Kallori (Village-side college story)
  • English: Shutter Island (Nice/Vague movie with a “The Sixth Sense” kind of revelation ending), Stag Night (Lots of gruesome scenes of violence), Sherlock Holmes (Absolutely Awesome movie .. Robert Downey has acted with such finesse that I was absolutely in awe. Would there be more such in a series coming up !?! I Hope so !!), Everybody’s Fine (Nice Family movie with awesome acting by Robert De Niro as always), Its Complicated (Cute and funny movie on post divorce love story !!), Collateral (Gripping thriller, Wonderful acting by Jamie Fox and Tom Cruise) and Zombie Land (gross comedy movie)
  • Hindi: Khatte Meethe (Horrible Movie by Priyadarshan – guess he can stop making movies)

Untill the next post ...

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