Today ... my life !!

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I was thinking about it lately ... I used to put myself into lot of activities other than work viz. Singing Classes, Swimming, Reading Books, Blogging, watching movies etc. But now-a-days I get a feeling that there is a lot of running around in my life (no direct or indirect mention to my recent marriage :) ), and I seem to get a feeling that I don't have time for any other activity.

Probably we need to sit down and organize life better so that we have time for things other than "work".

It was a highly lazy day at office. After attending a friends' marriage in the morning (and the associated feast) and a team lunch at Kabab Court on ECR, I was on the verge of bursting. To avoid that, I just lay on my "ease chair" thinking about my life and waiting for my day to get over.

Thinking about my life resulted in this blog and the second part is also over ... So have a great weekend!!!!

Jobs in IT

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I read this article in Professor Sadagopan’s Weblog about Jobs in IT.
A point that he said seemed so true to me ... He said "IT is no longer a “fad” but has become the key to every other industry".

Yes the Truth is that we can't look at IT in isolation. IT is thriving because the IT solutions that are being delivered are enabling other industries to get some kind of significant cost benefit. IT has changed the way different industries are doing their business. Industries that are using IT are thriving and are doing better than what they were doing before. So as a chain reaction there are more jobs being created in all these industries. That may also be the reason why there are debates going on whether IT should be called "IT" (as in Information Technology) or BT for Business Technology.

The chain reaction continues as there are more opportunities for services to be provided to the companies in these industries (including IT). (Eg. Suppliers of Computers, Couriers, Office Boys, food at cafeteria to name the common ones)

Innovative people think observe problems that these companies are facing from their service providers and come up with possible alternate solution options as Business Opportunities. So in essence you could say that the economy today is robust because of all industries doing well ... a phenomenon probably triggered by IT being effectively used as an enabler.

Professor Sadagopan also goes on to say "Of course, IT is also maturing; it may not grow at the same scorching pace for ever. At least in India IT will keep growing for a reasonable time, say 5- 10 years at great speed and slow down thereafter, yet growing at modest speeds"

The above is also true. Importantly the prediction that IT will continue to grow at a modest pace even after 5-10 years. This is true because of Continuous Improvement. We can never say that an IT Solution delivered will work forever. In this ever changing business scenario it is important that the IT systems also change with the changing scenario. So there will always be scope for innovation and also jobs for all those innovative people who will constantly question the way business is done and come up with better ways to run businesses.

Chennai Rains

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Its raining off and on in Chennai ... And it had made the climate really beautiful ... And the last thing one wants to do is to sit in office working ... And especially last 2-3 weeks work had been light ... So I feel more like running away into the rain ...

It would be so good if I could just switch off my mobile phone leave it in the office and head out on the ECR Road (on my bike of course)... Taking a long drive to "no where".

(Sigh) I guess I'll go home early today ...

Vandalur Zoo ...

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Its been a long time that I put up something on my blog ... And I was feeling guilty that I am killing such a great blog that just crossed the 1000 mark in the number of hits ... So I thought that I should post something ...

The easiest way out was to post some photos ... Easy ...

Posting some photos that we had taken during my recent visit to the Vandalur Zoo in Chennai around the Deepavali time ... It was after a long time that I had visited a zoo ... A word of caution ... There is lots of walking to be done ... so anyone planning to go to the Vandalur Zoo be prepared mentally ...

My Niece (Natasha) and her friend (Hari) made up for the lack of Monkeys in the Zoo !!

Cheers ....