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Now a days, I have this relentless feeling to ... change "things" in my life ... its almost a nagging itch - which I want to end - and end RIGHT NOW - and bring some "peace" and "serenity" into my life - My life - which I feel has an ability to cause or be a catalyst to all the "unrest" and "chaos" around me ...

PS. Reading all this one could feel that I am in trouble... but its not like I am in some deep shit or something ... It's a feeling inside of me ... I am sure it would result in some action soon ... And No, no yoga or meditation for me !!

Wow .. reading the above again ... Its vague like shit ... :) .. Now you know !!

Coffee Connection

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Coffee ... an integral part of my work day ... @ Java Green ...

Blogging thru my Nokia E71

Lazy and Busy

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These two could be prime reasons for my abscondance from my blog ...
But will be back soon with a bang ...

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