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Thanks and more ...

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Hey !! Its been a long Silence !! First of all thanks a lot to …

Aarthi Bharath

for responding to my Tag !!

Also to Vinod G
for having agreed to respond to my tag later !!

I had been silent for sometime since lots has been happening in my life!!

My father was not well after we returned from Coimbatore (visit to my sisters' place) … after suffering from Acute Viral Gastroenteritis … I had to admit him to the hospital early in the morning … And it was new experience for me considering that my mother was not there with me … I had to take care of all that alone … And I guess I did well … He was discharged in 2 days and recovered in a weeks time …

Also we are going to move in to our new home … So before that we are doing some minor modifications … Wood work and Painting … Running around to get those guys to work and finish on time so that we move in as scheduled on 25th March has kept me busy last few days …

And it is only now that I am getting the feeling that I own a home … And it’s a beautiful feeling !! :-)

Swimming is also happening once in a while … I guess I have to now hunt for a swimming pool in Velachery … I feel like a frog in a small well ... I am on a look out for a bigger pool ...

I'll post some photos of my home after I set it up … till then its bye and back to work for me …

This post was written couple of days back but since the proxy in the office doesn't let me open (Its blocked under online marchandising and sales) :-) ... Now using another proxy I am now able to open the site ... So the late post !!

Till next time ... ;-)