The Cyborg Name Decoder


Sachin said...

Thats a good one !!!!
Where did you get that?

Yeah I think I am totally into this Lord of the Rings and Starwars stuff. These movies tell real good stories. Stories so close to real life....

sagaro said...

good one.

nice-things said...

Thats cute!!

LaLiTa DhAnVaDa said...

Hey that was kool Hari....I'm impressed....looks like some part of my creativity is rubbing off on you.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hari,

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Your house search info is very useful;
I am also looking to buy in Velachery;
Can I contact you for info?


Siva Chidambaram said...

hi just read your expansion of the acronym "hariharan"... it was cool... btw I am aarthi bharath's friend (a little bit more than a friend) - Siva Chidambaram

Hariharan said...

Siva ..

Thanks for your comments ... Just one of the few crazy things that i manage to do ... :-)

Visva ..

I am not sure if I can help much .. But you can still contact me ..