New Laptop purchased

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We have purchased a Dell Inspiron N4010 for our home usage. I read the review here saying "Dell has assembled a slick update to the Inspiron line that, despite a few shortcomings, will let students and home users do anything they need to without breaking the bank." ... I liked it ... That is exactly what I want ...

Hopefully, now I am going to try and be a bit more regular in the Online world ... :) ... Blog regularly ... Show up on facebook and gtalk more regularly.

Catch you all online more often now !! :)

Some more nice photos ...

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So, I have been doing a lot of observing after the arrival of this camera ... Its actually fun just sitting in the balcony doing nothing much and just observing ... I have actually realised that there are quite some nice birds just around my houses and if I am patient I can get some great snaps (though I don't know some of the birds that I am capturing .. May be someone can help if they know) ... So here are some pictures I took recently.

There is also a picture of a moon rising one evening ...

And some more playing around with light painting. Recently, for Vishu, obviously we have to setup a Vishu Kani. A prominent part of the flower arrangement is the Konna Pu (or flower). Now, due to circumstances I was not able to arrange for one for my Vishu Kani.So I thought I'd use some light painting so achieve the effect. So here goes ... (Ok ... No laughing !! )

I am also trying to capture a yellow bird that has been flying around my house but is too fast so I have been unsuccessful so far. Will share that soon once I catch it .. very soon. I am determined.