Now a days, I have this relentless feeling to ... change "things" in my life ... its almost a nagging itch - which I want to end - and end RIGHT NOW - and bring some "peace" and "serenity" into my life - My life - which I feel has an ability to cause or be a catalyst to all the "unrest" and "chaos" around me ...

PS. Reading all this one could feel that I am in trouble... but its not like I am in some deep shit or something ... It's a feeling inside of me ... I am sure it would result in some action soon ... And No, no yoga or meditation for me !!

Wow .. reading the above again ... Its vague like shit ... :) .. Now you know !!


Poornima Srinath said...

Are you ok? ;)

Is there any interospection going on?The unrest in you was there in all great people as a result of interospection. Your mind is searching for your true self!Learn discrimination then your inner feeling would guide you in the right path.

Oh are you scared of yoga and meditation? Do you know the meaning of yoga? Do you know when you sing glory of God you indulge in meditation and yoga?

Hariharan said...

My God !! .. Introspection .. True Self and great people ... Dont Think its that deep .. :) .. Its more daily and operational issues .. :)

The Singing Meditation/yoga is ok with me !!! But nothing more !! :)