My Latest thrill !!

After a lot of research and planning I finally decided that I should get a better camera given that I have an eye for taking good photographs (or so I believe). I thought that instead of jumping into a DSLR (which is much more expensive and I dont know if I will use it to its fullest capacity), so I decided to get a new breed of cameras that are coming up these days which have more adjustable settings than a regular digital camera but also not to the extent of a DSLR cameras - called Bridge Cameras.

After some more research on which camera to buy, I decided on the Panasonic DMC FZ40.

 So now with this camera I have already started taking some really nice photos .. Will try and share the photos soon .. I am trying some low light photos .. night photos .. light painting ... etc .. Samples to follow.

Keep watching ..


Anonymous said...

i read your has some amazing pictures...can i knw the exact rate of fz40 in india...????can i knw your review about fz40...or can you suggest me any camera(not D-SLR COZ THEY ARE VERY EXPENSIVE)in the rate between rs.10,000-rs.15,000...???it wil be very useful for me if u suggest a camera for me..i jus loved all your photographs in this blog..the photograph of a sparrow was taken beautifully..thanking you in advance..

Anonymous said...

my id is

Hariharan said...

Thanks Vijay ..

Glad that you liked the photos ... I had requested a cousin to get the camera from US .. So it came cheaper for me ... USD 290 .. Not sure what it costs in India . Bear in mind that it may be costing higher here and also the same model may be also called FZ45 .. which is another name for it.

I think the camera is very good for a beginner who wants to explore some advanced features similar to a DSLR .. Great zoom ... Wonderful low light photos .. also very nice macro photos ... all in all ... Its worth every penny ... Best of Luck !!

Anonymous said...

how is Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38 (FZ35)..i've also planned to buy nikon L120..but nikon L120 has no manual operations.can u suggest me about my choice.???...the price of FZ45 is higher in is not affordable for fiji a good choice(many say its lenses are it so...???)im totally confused anna...pls help me..