Review: Inception

In short – A Intellectual Masterpiece Movie !!
Inception showcases a unique and complicated ‘idea’ in the form of a movie. What is discussed in the movie is so abstract and complicated that its commendable that someone (writer and director Christopher Nolan) was able to bring it to life through this awesome audio visual treat. I feel that to describe every plot in detail would take away the magic of this film you must see yourself to believe.

The plot in short - DiCaprio with the help of a team works his way into people's subconscious to steals ideas from their minds. In his last assignment he is assigned not to steal an idea from someone, but to plant one inside that person's mind. The difficulty comes when certain people are trained to block their ideas from being taken. Hahah !! I can see raised eye brows !! .. But wait … Its more interesting than what it sounds. Imagine making a movie what that as the subject.

I feel Nolan did a great job in putting together this intellectual movie. There was still a lot about this film I still didn’t understand (similar to what I felt when I saw Matrix first time), and may require multiple viewings to better understand.

Infact, the movie just takes over you and challenges you with so many new ideas and concepts, that you come out itching to know/read more about what was shown in the movie. In a strange way the movie plants an “idea” (like in the movie) into your mind … and as Chance Cole says “Once once we change the idea in the subconscious mind, we don’t have to mess with it any more – Just leave it alone and let it do the hard work”

Go watch it !!

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