Weekend Activities

Imagine a weekend full of activities and movies .. That is what I had this weekend. So, I managed to see about 9-10 movies during the weekend. Its so much that if I vomit now .. I would vomit movies .. :)

  • The Departed (Nice … )
  • Nim’s Island (Cute Kids Movie)
  • Cast Away (Mindblowing .. Wow)
  • Sleepless in Seattle (Cute .. I loved Meg Ryan)
  • Tere Bin Laden (In the movie theatre .. Nice .. For a change America took the beatings!!)
  • Swades (Always good to watch this movie !!)
  • Angaadi Theru (Sad and Depressing movie .. but pretty well taken)
  • Arai En 305-il Kadavul (Ok movie … liked that nice conversation between a God and an atheist)
  • Modi Vilayaadu (Absolutely third rate … couldn’t tolerate it .. stopped in between)
I may have missed some more (will add if I remember later) … this is what I could recall …

I also had a peaceful experience at the ISCON temple at Lenesia, Johannesburg. Maha Prasaadam there is sooo good … its like nothing I have ever had for Prasadam before.

Apart from the above, I also happened to go for a Bryan Adams Concert at the Coca Cola Dome here in Johannesburg. It was my first concert and the experience was absolutely… *I am at loss for words .. and I say ‘awesome’ a lot* … Ok, how about “beyond words” … only an experience would tell you what it was like. The guy is 50 yrs old now .. but I cant see him age at all .. Absolutely “18 till I die” kinds .. Was reminded of some wonderful songs that we used to listen to during college !! Summer of 69 … Back to you … 18 till I die … Everything I do I do it for you … Please forgive me … etc Will blog more about if I feel like later.

For now I am having the "Back to You" song playing in my head ... in a loop !! :(

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