Gold Mine and a Museum at my Workplace

I have been hearing of this Gold Mine and Museum at my Workplace for a while now but I didn't get the chance to see it until today. I realised today that I have been passing by it on a daily basis - which proves that "sometimes its easy to miss out the very obvious".

The Standard Bank Gallery is currently exhibiting 'Halakasha!' - It's a glorious exhibition celebrating the historic first FIFA World Cup in Africa. The Museum is showcasing a range of artworks dealing with the feeling of nationalism, pride and passion that is linked to the game of soccer.

The photo above shows clockwise from top-right - The soccer boots of legends Eusebio, Pele and Maradona - The history of Vuvuzela, which is so much part of the country's soccer - Some photographs and Handicrafts associated with South African Soccer history.

The Standard Bank literally sits on gold. Ferreira's Mine - an old abandoned gold mine from the late 19th century was rediscovered during construction of the Standard Bank head office in the 1980s. After taking the access tunnels of the mine into account, construction continued over it. Portions of the original mine as well as the new museum associated with it, have now been opened to the public.

The above photos shows rremnants of old time Stamp Batteries belonging to the Stamp Mills used for mining in olden days - Artifacts found while clearing the mineworks - Entrance to Mine shaft (now closed) - and photos on the walls depicting mining and associated activities in those days.

It was amazing to find how much fun and activity is possible at work itself !!

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