Visit to Sun City and Pilanesberg

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As a part of Week-1 of Janani's visit to South Africa, we visited Sun City and Pilanesberg Game Reserve. We need to have accomodation as well so after careful research, I decided on the Authentique French Guest House. We drove down to the guest house by late evening. The guest house was so tastefully built, pretty much inside the forest, at the same time secure and cozy.

On the first day, we went to Sun City (my second visit), where we rushed straight to the Wave pool. After having some good time at the tsunami that the wave pool generated and the water slides and splashes, it was time for lunch. Post lunch we went for a small trek up into the woods by the waterfall in Sun City - to check out the hanging brdge and the better view of the palace. We also briefly checked out the shopping center and Casino in Suncity. Overall, we had a nice time at the Suncity.
The next day, we headed out first to a Lion Park on the way to Pilanesburg. We had a nice opportunity to take photos with Lion cubs. It did scare the hell out of Janani when one of the cubs started to run around in the cage that we had entered - and she promptly exited the cage on the first possible chance.
We then headed to the Pilanesberg Game Reserve for the evening Game Drive starting at 4:40pm and ended at 8:00 pm ... We managed to catch the following animals in action. Three of the Big Five - Elephant, Lion and Rhino - missed the other two; Buffalo and the Cheetah. Apart from that we caught the Hippopotamus, Giraffe, Fox, Blue Wildebeest, Bushbuck, Impala, Cape Hare etc ... As they say, never miss the wildlife safari when in Africa - and it was a wonderful experience.
We drove back safe and sound after that visit back to Johannesburg - reaching home late at 11:00 pm - had office next day morning:Sad part :( .. Took back wonderful memories: Happy Part :)!!

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