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The visit to Cape Town, began on a disastrous note (well … almost). We reached the airport to catch our flight to Cape Town. My friend Abhay dropped me to the airport. Just as we were entering the security check area, I realized that I had forgotten my wallet (with all my money and cards) at home!! I just couldn’t believe that my forgetfulness would reach this level. I calmed myself down and called Abhay and coordinated with some other friends and had Abhay come back to the airport with the wallet. Thanks to Abhay, I managed it on time and moreover to add to my advantage the flight also got a bit late.

So finally we reached Cape Town – which was “picture postcard perfect” and made me “forget” my bad start. The scenic beauty that I saw in Cape Town was something else.

Firstly we drove through Simon Town and then to the Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope. It was a wonderful feeling to go through this place imagining how so many Sailors including the first one Vasco da Gama would have come here and turned left and upwards to finally reach India. It was beautiful to be able to distinctly differentiate the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Also it was amazing that we were standing at the point which was the southernmost tip of the African continent.

The beaches in Cape Town were also beautiful. The sand on the beach was white in color. Amazingly … pretty uncommon for someone from India … the water was ice cold … COLD beyond words !! Forget about going into the water … it was difficult and highly painful to just stand in the water. So we kept a safe distance … :)

The other attraction in Cape Town was the Table Mountain. It gave a bird’s eye view of the entire city from the top of this mountain also the Cable Car that we had to employ to get to the top of the mountain was the added thrill to the event. It was a cloudy day and the view that we got from there was so different … it was as if we were in Heaven.

Other noteworthy experiences in Cape Town included:
  • The Drive to the Chapman’s Peak
  • The World of Birds
  • The Huge Canal Walk Mall
  • V&A Waterfront Experience
We left Cape Town with fond memories of the beautiful locations which we had earlier only seen on picture postcards … It was fun to be now part of the picture postcard!!

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