Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century

A sort of dated post ... but nonetheless posting it .. :)

Recently (Not so recently) there was the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century .. Lasted for about 100 minutes ... given my interest for photography I was determined to catch it even though it was late in the night.So I set the alarm for 1:00 am in the night and headed out to the terrace of my 10- floor apartment with all my photography gear Camera and tripod essentially :) ..

As luck would have it, it was an extremely cloudy day (See above). Leave alone seeing the eclipse - I could not even remotely spot where the moon could have been. Even after waiting for an hour hoping for clouds to clear, I gave up when it started to drizzle. I did take some shots to pass my time for the hour. Here's some of them.
Empty roads with one or two vehicles

Hige Office complex

Also, what reminded me that i had forgotten to post about this event was the beautiful sight of the moon couple of days back (again dated). So here's my capture of the beautiful moon.

Enjoy ...

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