Review: Squisito

Ok ... Its not a movie ... Its a restaurant.

It was Janani's birthday yesterday and as a part of the celebrations we decided to dine-out. After a long time me and Janani were going to try a new restaurant - instead of repeating our regular favourite's Malaka Spice etc .. So it was Squisito in Koregaon Park.

What I specially liked is that it was exclusively Vegetarian. Apart from its speciality Italian it also had some Lebanese and Mexican options sprinkled onto the menu. The place was smaller than what i had expected but had a nice ambiance. We had couple of starters - oven baked crispy mushrooms and falafel - both of which I really liked. The quantity of the starter was also really filling ... it actually made us a bit nervous because we had ordered 3 more items for the main course - A Pizza (thin crust with spicy toppings), a tortellini pasta and a Mexican rice dish. Fortunately for us all of us were hungry so we were able to finish all of that above. The pasta was especially creamy and out-of-the-world. To top it up all, we had a Chocolate Bomb for dessert. :)

All in all - I was thrilled with the food and was overjoyed to see the many options available to us vegetarian mortals. My mind filled with all the flavours of the food, my taste buds were thanking me for the Squisite food that they had received that evening.

A must experience - I give it a 4.5 / 5 ...

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Fiyin said...

Happy birthday to Jani. No pictures of the food? it sounded yummy1