Why is life not “Avatar” like ?!

Avatar … AVATAR … This is the start of a new avatar of Cinema … And from the beginning till the end … I was struck by only one consistent feeling … a feeling of pure awe … The pure magic of 3D that James Cameron and his amazing team created in the movie was so awesome that the real world started seeming boring to me after I came out of the movie …
There was not a moment in the movie where I was not feeling this special feeling … a feeling that one gets after watching something so special that one feels that one is fortunate to have been able to watch it. Such a pure feeling of happiness and contentment that (words fail me) … I can only thank James Cameron and his amazing team for providing the world with this amazing piece of art.
I keep saying “James Cameron and his team” is because when you see this movie you do see the vision that James has to present to us (and that is really appreciated) but it would not have been possible without the support of his amazing animation artists and other technicians who were part of this movie. The movie is not about performances of some wonderful actors and a great director … It’s the sheer hard work of the animation artists and other technicians (who believed in the vision of a wonderful director) that has brought to us this great awe inspiring spectacle to us. Kudos to each and everyone of them.
It’s a definite case of an Oscar for the best movie. They better start a category (or have they already started) where they appreciate the efforts of the animation artists and other technicians of this movie.
I just came back after seeing the movie and I can tell you that instead of hitting bed after a night show here I am typing down my first feelings about the movie to post onto my blog.
There is no need for me to speak anymore about this movie .. all I can urge everyone is that … please go and watch the movie in a theatre in 3D (not on some pirated CD/DVD) … And share the amazing feeling that I have felt today.
Is this also a way to stop movie piracy through DVD and CDs ?? … “Make such amazing movies that would be a waste to see in any other media other than watching it on the big screen” … watching it in any other mode would be a loss of experience .... Whatever !!!
Why did I take so long to catch this one !! If anyone has missed the action please don’t wait anymore and WATCH AVATAR IN 3D and SHARE THE AMAZEMENT !!

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