Best of the Best !!

I was looking at my past photos and I was pretty impressed at the number of vacations that we have managed in the past. Janani and I make it a point that no matter what we would definitely vacation for atleast 1-2 times in a year .. we have been pretty successful in that. I am presenting to you some of my really beautiful pictures that I have taken during my various vacations.

1. Mahabaleshwar: This is one beautiful location that we have done multiple times either together / with various friends and we have seen all the "points" so mant times that we see no "point" in visiting Mahabaleshwar anymore :) ... Three photos taken during various visits 2007 to 2009
2. Mangalore: Have two very beautiful photos that remind me of this very memorable visit in Dec 2007 to Mangalore and to one of my favourite resorts Summer Sands, Mangalore.
3. Chiplun & Guhaghar: This was in July 2008, where we explored this vary beautiful location half way between Pune and Goa. It was a scenic treat to just drive in our new car from Pune to Chiplun & Guhaghar and back.
4. Malshej Ghat: Famous for its waterfalls during monsoon, this visit to Malshej Ghat with our friends ramains one of the vary fun filled days that we spent in Aug 2008.
5. Kamshet Oct/Nov 2008. This one was as a part of an office "offsite" (Picnic - in IT terms). Apart from the team building activities that happened, it offered me and some of my colleagues an opportunity to go for a small trek (where I captured this beautiful photo.)
6. Saputara: We took this weekend break in March 2009, to explore this not so popular spot just in the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Had a nice break and captured this view from my hotel where we were staying. Also I captured this photo that I call God's blessing on the way back from Saputara that I really loved.
7. Goa: July is our regular break time as it comes loaded with my birthday and our marriage anniversary. So finally in July 2009, we made it to Goa after years of planning and postponing it. A nice visit where we had another beautiful couple of friends to give us company. Pasting one of the photos that I took there.
Hoping to have more such memorable vacations in the future !! :)


Poornima said...

Another album of awesome pictures....wonderful!!!

Hariharan said...

Thanks Poornima !

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