Visit to Nelson Mandela Square

Yeah … I am back with some more Joburg chronicles. Its been about two weeks that I last blogged … I missed blogging last weekend … I had planned to blog every weekend at least but I was unwell last weekend. The weather has been erratic here in Joburg. I have seen everything from pretty cold weather, hail storm, heavy rains to finally hot summer (which is what is normal as it is supposed to be Summer!!) So seeing this all-year weather in 2 weeks my body just gave up and I was down with cold and fever. So basically, I just took medicines and rest last weekend, as I had to be fit to handle the workload at office. Come Monday, and I was fit-n-fine and managed to get on with my work.
We had a team dinner planned by Accenture at the Lekgotla @ Nelson Mandela Square. When I heard Nelson Mandela Square I thought it was one of the squares (chouk) named after him … But it was not that … This was inside the Sandton City Center. This is a very huge and beautiful mall and inside this there is this area called the Nelson Mandela Square. I reached there to see a really huge and beautiful statue of Nelson Mandela. I managed to get some shots with him.

I had reached a bit early, so I thought that I’d check out the mall in the few minutes that I had … I went and looked inside to find another of my “firsts” … I saw my first Rolls Royce. Man !! What a beauty it was !! … And I was just awe struck by its beauty and its size …As I tried capturing some shots and I realised that it was bigger than the biggest cars that I have ever seen and I was finding it difficult to capture it in a frame. Everything about it was wonderful … and I am short of words for what I saw that day !! :-) … So it was a day that I saw a large car and a huge status of Nelson Mandela.
The dinner @ Lekgotla was also a pleasurable experience. I found the people very warm and friendly. The day culminated with the people at Lekgotla performing some South African Music which was very enjoyable with nice beats and lively songs.

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