Some more Joburg Stories

So I am back with some more stories of Joburg and some more photos. So after all the rehersals to reach my client office, I reached my client office in Joburg CBD area. It’s a concrete jungle and not as interesting as my Accenture SA office but nonetheless I did manage to capture some photos around the office. Presenting to you Johannesburg CBD Area from my office balcony…
A closer look, probably ???
A left side look …
And a right side … ;)
After a week to get settled in terms of getting a laptop, getting assigned to my team and getting to know the work and the team better things are getting busier day by day. A training on the ARIS tool (Business Process Modelling Tool) kept things a little more interesting. So after all that, now it’s now down to ground work and it looks interesting and also going to be very hectic.
I did some looking around in the city. I went to the nearby flea market at the area called Bruma. I found lots of very interesting things there. It was a very lively place with stalls selling all kind of stuff. Clothes, Handicraft, carving, sculptures etc … not to mention food stalls selling all kind of interesting eatables.
Guess, I would have to go there before coming back to India to pick up lots of interesting to bring back home.
Last one !! ... showing me with my Car ...

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