Gillette Fusion ... What !?!??!??!?

I happened to stumble upon this link which took me to the lastest "cutting edge" technology for men !! :) ... Gillette Fusion

They left the three blades system behind ... :) ... Believe it or not .. Its 6 blades now (five in the front and one in the rear) !! Wow :) ...

I mean .. Was this some kind of growth target given to them !??!! :) I can imagine .. in a meeting the Gillette Management told their design team "You need to double your blades in 3 years ..."

or probably the sales head, by mistake, set an expectation to the wrong team !! :) ... He might have wanted to address the sales team (but instead addressed the design team) saying "You need to double your numbers in 3 years ..." The only numbers the design team could think of was "# of blades"

So here goes .... :)

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