Broken leg .. and before that !!

It has happened to me in the past .. Guess about 4 years ago ... That time it was the right leg ... This time it is the left leg ... I also did tweet about it in between .. Which is the reason that I have been out of action ... Its been close to a month of cast and all that mess ... I rather skip the details ...

I got this one when we had been to Bhandardara on a weekend outing when my sister Shanti, Sekar (BIL) and Natasha were here for a Diwali vacation. As I had explained to you in my previous post, they had driven my car to Pune from Coimbatore to be with us on Diwali.

Apart from my broken leg, it was a very good time we had during their visit here. My SIL, Nandini, was also here to join us for Diwali. So overall it was a memorable Diwali for me.

Posting some family pictures and also some Bhandardara photos for you to enjoy !! Will be back in action soon ... I have to !!! :)

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Poornima Srinath said...

hope u are ok now! wat an accident!tell me with which weapon janani hit u..secretly..sure its btw 3 of us ;)