Soccer Celebrations @ Office

As South Africa celebrates the 2010 Soccer World Cup with full fun, frolic and enthusiasm; our project also made sure that we also join in the celebrations. We are having soccer celebrations in the form of floor decorations and various floors in our building are competing to win the honor of the “floor with the best decoration and most soccer spirit”. So today, to add to the soccer sprit, we had all come dressed in the Soccer Jerseys. Our floor has also been decorated with lots of colorful props and flags of various countries. All of us contributed to bring in snacks/drinks to form a Soccer pub-of-sorts called “Mama Lee’s Tavern”- we very well emulated a real soccer match party environment. We had also set up a mini soccer field on our floor to play some football during free time !! :)
(Click on the photos for a better view !!)
We had created a wonderful environment at office which I have rarely seen or heard of in the Indian scenario. I must say that I had a lot of fun and had a very relaxed day at office today. Days like these make coming to office more fun !! :)


Poornima said...

making me jealous! you enjoyed it to the core.

Hariharan said...

Yes Poornima ... Absolutely fantastic !! :)

Had a great time !!