Venkateshwara Kalyanam Event at Johannesburg

I have been frequenting the Seshans last month or so. Venkateshwara Kalyanam Event was the primary reason that we were looking forward to and practicing regularly for. (Janani pulls my leg saying that the only reason is the wonderful food I get at the Seshans.) Seshan's sister - Meera was going to give a dance performance at the event. I was going to sing for that dance performance. Seshan's father had beautifully composed the song for the event. As simple and soothing as it was to hear it, it was equally difficult task to master the song.
Finally, last weekend (24th and 25th April, 2010), brought with it the Venkateshwara Kalyanam Event. It was held at Laudium. On the Day 1 many Poojas and Hoomams were conducted and it culminated with a Oorvalam [procession] of the Utsava Murthy by the devotees.
The Day 2 was when the Vekateshwara Kalyanam event actually was conducted. As a part of the celebrations there were programs - Music, Songs and Dance all through the event. One of the event was the Dance performance that I was part of. I think that it went very well and was very well received.
It is said that "On this auspicious occasion it will be sacred and celestial if one perform or participates in the Kalyanostavam of the Lord Venkateswara Swamy and also read the episode of Srinivasa Kalyanam. It is said that where Venkatesa Mahatyam is read/heard, there, one will have good longevity, good health and good prosperity and finally that will lead to salvation."

Hope my above experience would lead to - longevity, good health and prosperity and finally ... salvation. :)

I know that's too bland a post :) … I would update it with more photos/videos if possible of my event.

Update: Thanks to Shruthi for sharing the photo of me singing. Will upload more as I get it ... Thanks again to Shurthi for more photos !!


Jans said...

Hari dont deny food was a major motivation factor :) you would do anything for that arachu vitta sambhar :)

Jans said...

But definitely thanks to Seshans for the happy weekends you have had :)

Hariharan said...

I am caught !! It was one of the reasons though ... but not the top reason ... And Yes ... I had a nice time !!