Happenings in Pune ... Swine Flu Hysteria

At Pune … There is a mass hysteria about the Swine Flu … Why Pune … All over India … People are calling us with concern and worries asking how we are doing … etc etc … The news channels are adding fuel to the fire by flashing news after news about it (with background music that would add to the panic) and newspapers showing only the negativity of the whole issue (Photos of people standing in line for a test and people in masks .. deserted roads etc) !! But do we need to really worry so much ?? 17-18 deaths in India out of 100 crore population … more people die every day of other diseases … Ok … I am not trying to undermine the seriousness of the issue but also so much panic is also not at all required …

Take all the necessary precautions … Masks in public places … Washing hands regularly … etc … and most importantly not to unnecessarily worry … I feel the unnecessary worry would only increase the chances of you catching the flu … probably your immune system would go weaker because of worries … just believe that you won’t contract it and even if you do … it would go away with treatment … with a mortality rate of less than 1% this mass hysteria is the last thing we need.Most cases if you note the people who died either were kids (with a weak immunity) or people with other complications … What we fail to highlight are multiple cases of people who were treated and are perfectly alright now … let me highlight some cases

So lets resolve not to panic and face this problem with maturity and composure and without get into a frenzy.
Here are some interesting facts for a read …

Hope things get better soon our bodies develop immunity to this one and in the meanwhile take care … Hari

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sanjay said...

The real pigs behind this menace of swine flue needs to tackled first, because these are real initiaters infesters & carriers of swine flu, they are present in Public Health services, Medical Education & Drug administration & spreading fast in other departments of Maharashtra Govt. Administration as well.

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Pradip Indulkar-Dy.Secretary
Rajendra Pawar-Under Secretary
& host of other administrative officers of Mantralaya & Medical officers working in Govt.Hospitals & medical colleges across Maharashtra.

Name of Victim:
Mrs Deepali Vaidya, Employee of Medical Education Deptt who was gangraped by her bosses & collegues on 15th Dec 2004 late till 10.15 PM, from then on she has been made into a BHOGDASI for all & sundry for a price to be paid to Mukund Kamble & others.

I am a Section Officer of Medical Eduction Deptt. presently on leave demanding arrest of these criminals. I have stopped this sex scandle within a week of joining Medical Education deptt in Jan 2008since then I am being harrassed threatened pressurised to withdraw my demand, fall in line & join my duties.

I have made my positin clear that either take action against these criminals or accept my resignation vide my letters dated 6th April 2004, 25th June 2009, 19th July 2009, 7th July 2009, 10th July 2009, 27th July 2009 to
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Sanjay Prasad Gaikwad
Section Officer
Medical Education Deptt.,