Operation Home - III

Rains have stopped …. The Work spike has smoothened out … So its time to continue Operation Home - III

So where did I leave last time … Ok so we started looking at some local papers for classified ads. One of the first properties that we saw was a land (½ ground) in Velachery, which was shown to us by one particular builder (I will prefer not to name him). We liked it because the nice residential area it was located in and also proximity to shops and bus-stop etc was excellent. So we decided that we should go for it. We also paid a token advance to the builder.

As per the normal procedures, we wanted to get the legal papers of the land verified by a lawyer. I asked some colleagues in office about any reliable layers that I could get in touch with. One of my colleague, when he heard the area in Velachery that I was talking about, cautioned me that there were lots of legal problems in the land available in that particular area in Velachery. He mentioned that one of his friends who was about to purchase a land in that area was advised by his lawyer not to go for that property (even if someone gave it away for free). In the episode I found the lawyer that I was looking for. I traced his contacts, and he asked me to bring the papers of the property and he would look into it.

We contacted that builder who was supposed to give us the papers. He kept saying that it would be ready in 4-5 days and was pressing for us to begin the Bank Loan Procedures. He also suggested that he had good contacts with SBI and would get us a good offer. Due to my father's experience and prudence, we said that any further move will happen only after verifying the legal papers. We kept waiting for a month for him to give the papers. He said it was ready … but when I asked if I could come and collect it, he would give some excuse that it was presently not with him etc. After a while we could sense that there was some problem because of which he was avoiding giving the papers to us. So we called off the deal.

When we met him (the builder) for the first time, he seemed like a good old man … a "Brahmin" fellow … So there was slight good-feel about it … Old man + Brahmin us some comfort. But it all doomed when he ditched us … We are yet to get our money back … Good that it wasn't much … But I am sure we'll get it back!!

So in short we were back to square one … Looking at classified ads in newspapers.


Sachin said...

Old Man + Brahmin ... I understood the kind of good feel it must have given you.

But then again....uuurgh.. [umph ....fighting hard to supress my urge to argue with you..]

OK. I think I was successful.

So what is it about Velachery that lot of land there is legally-troubled... ?

Hariharan said...

Well there is always scope for arguement ... But its ok ...

Well in Velachery ... They sell off one piece of land to more than one individuals !! Cool Na !!?